I practice a functional and integrative approach to improving health and well-being. What does that mean? I assess how life habits like eating, exercising, working, and personal relationships affect your overall health. I guide you to creatively identify your internal resources and achieve goals that fit your profile in a flexible and rewarding way. With my encouragement, support, guidance and follow-up, you implement lasting changes for a healthy and balanced life.

I work to achieve your health goals by implementing and adhering to healthy habits (eating choices and attitudes, sleep, exercise, relaxation), adherence to therapeutic treatments, improvement of chronic conditions, and stress management. Among the areas of success are obtaining ideal weight, controlling metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, improving symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety and depression. I walk with you hand in hand in rediscovering a pleasant and healthy relationship with your body, guiding you to practice self-care autonomously and effectively. The coaching process results in greater self-knowledge, a clearer understanding of food and lifestyle choices that are appropriate to your personality and preferences, and the ability to recognize and deal with obstacles. It’s a lifelong learning experience.