• Individualized program with a flexible duration, generally 6 months
  • Two sessions per month
  • Support by e-mail / phone between sessions



The program offers you:

  • Structure and support for you to make diet and life style changes
  • Help top identify resources to increase your knowledge on nutrition and health
  • Orientation for simple self-care practices

With this Health Coaching program you will:


  • Identify areas of focus and outline plan for lifestyle changes
  • Establish and meet goals in a stimulating manner
  • Receive support and guidance to overcome obstacles
  • Understand and change their relationship with food
  • Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • Incorporate healthy choices into your routine
  • Get to know your body and learn to control your excesses
  • Learn how to manage your stress
  • Gain self-confidence to achieve their health and wellness goals