What is Health Coaching?

It is a strategy that promotes changes of habit for better health and well-being - body, mind and spirit. Through commitment and partnership, the process recognizes each person's innate healing capacity and emphasizes self-care and autonomy.

Why Health Coaching ?

Nowadays doctors and other health professionals do not always have the time or the follow-up tools to help their patients change their lifestyle or establish healthy habits. The Health Coaching process elicits changes in habit and complements the work of other health professionals, helping the client bridge the recommendations received and their implementation.

How does it work?

Starting with an assessment of key areas in health, the client creates a vision of what he wants to achieve; with the help of the coach, he identifies specific goals for habit change, usually projected for 3-6 months; during follow-up, the health coach evaluates successes and obstacles, offers personalized support, and resources for self-care; the result of the transformations experienced is increased self-efficacy.

Carolina Tuma

Carolina Tuma is Biologist ( PhD ) and Health Coach. She works in research, education and consulting for improving health and well-being with integrative coaching.